Sunday, December 16, 2012

Frozen Toes and St. Lucia

I went to Riga to see off a friend, attend a concert with another friend, and retrieve my camera from concert-friend's apartment. And what did I do with my camera? I took pictures of the freezy-frozen snowy-snow.(I didn't take a lot of photos since A) the snow is not going anywhere and B) taking photos required me to un-glove my hands and in those few precious seconds of no-gloves my little hands freezy-froze.)

1. Rendi and I went to the Christmas market in search of very specific stockings for her window. 
2. Here is the Christmas market at night.
3. Here are some freezey-frozen ducky-ducks in the park.
4. And the park was also lovely at night. I think this was around 6pm.
5. There were giant frames set up for photo ops. This is my "I'm just casually leaning against this photo frame" pose. 
6. Lastly, we went to the St. Lucia's Day concert at Rigas Doms. I think some of the others got better photos, so I will try to pilfer those and post on the blog for you lovlies to see. And, yes, some jerk put a tripod up right in front of us. (I think he was an official jerk, but still....)

That is all for now. I'm sure there will be more snow photos since, you know, we have a crap-load of snow. Next week, though, I am in Istanbul! I will take photos! And eat lavash!

This post is brought to you by Sufjan Stevens' Sister Winter.


  1. YEAH ISTANBULLLLLL!!! Can't wait!

    Also your photos are great. Riga looks so pretty! I wish I could go visit every single one of the other ETAS :\