Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Four things I like about Rezekne in no particular order:

1. People here are genuinely nice.
2. My rent is cheap and I live near the center of town.
3. I feel like I've gone around the world to end up in my home town.
4. My schools are lovely and my students are smart. 

Four things I don't like about Rezekne:

1. I feel like I've gone around the world to end up in my home town.
2. I miss cafes.
3. Riga is only 4 hours away, but that seems longer than it did when I first arrived.
4. Snow in April. Gah.

I just got back from visiting friends in Berlin and Zagreb. I will update you on that this weekend. It'll be enthralling, I'm sure. I'm a very exciting person.

Here's a picture from Zagreb:

This interlude post is brought to you by Tom Petty's "American Girl" and sunshine.


  1. Hi Vanessa! As someone who's waiting to hear back from Fulbright about doing an ETA in Latvia, I really appreciate your blogging about your year there- thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I just had a quick question about traveling while on a Fulbright fellowship. One of the great things about Latvia is its convenient location to a bunch of other awesome places, and I really look forward to the possibility of traveling, but I also recall seeing in the handbook or something that you can't leave the country for more than two weeks throughout the course of your fellowship. Would you say that's typically true or does it have some wiggle room? Thanks again!

    1. I sent you a private email to the gmail account listed on your profile. I thought it would be easier.