Friday, January 4, 2013

The "Not an Istanbul Update" Interlude

I know, I know. I need to update the blog with the rest of my Istanbul trip and the promised photos before I forget all of the awesome things that happened.


Or Sunday.

I just got back from Riga. It was fun. I bought some shrimp chips and sriracha at a fancy-pants grocery store. I'm not sure they will taste like the ones I buy at home. Oh well.

Additionally, People in Riga clothe themselves in dresses made entirely from paper. See? (Riga is Panem.)

This bird chased me away from my park bench. The picture is fuzzy because I took the photo from Estonia.

I hate birds. I really, really do. Except chickens. Chickens are badass. I'd share my croissant with a chicken, but not this giant devil bird. (For perspective, here is the giant devil bird on a trashcan.)

This post is brought to you by Birdy, Skinny Love. Because it fits.

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