Monday, October 1, 2012

Michael's Day Market and Rogovka

It has been a busy week or so! I completed my first week of leading conversation classes at School 6, graded some essays for the university translation class, and went to the Michael's Day market in Rezekne.

This band was playing at the market. They were fantastic! I wasn't the only one stopping to video them. Below are some pics of the market.

This is the market before it got really busy. 

This was the stand selling all sorts of smoked meat. The smoked fish stand was next door. 
Here is one of the looms (I think that is the right word) that an artisan was displaying.

It was a good market and a good day. I bought a couple of presents to send home for Christmas and some local honey comb.

Today I went to the town of Rogovka. It is 20 minutes away from Rezekne. I will be going each Monday to help with English classes. They gave me a lot of flowers: 6 bouquets! I felt like Miss America. Or one of those ice skaters who get flowers thrown at them after a performance. I also received a bag of apples, two peppers, and some chocolate. I think the apples came from the school orchard.

Here are my flowers. They make my apartment very cheerful. I put them in my windows. Latvians seem to really enjoy flowers.

That is all. This post is brought to you by Matisyahu's Sunshine. This song makes me happy. :) The sun has been making short appearances here. I am soaking it up while I can!

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